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Quotation printout (DMR43001)

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Quotations/service quotations are printed so that they can be sent to prospects/customers clarifying the items and under which terms business can be made between the two parties. The quotation/service quotation will also include the items that the prospect/customer is interested in and any special prices will be quoted.

Two types of item description could be displayed on the printout. The extended item description will be displayed:

  • if defined in the item’s Extended item description file


  • if the Ext desc field on the Quotation line maintenance panel is set to YES

If the Ext desc field on quotation line is set to NO, the normal item description is displayed.

Note: You also have the option to update the quotation line status only, without actually having to print the quotation lines.

In the fields below you define the limits for which quotations shall be included in the selection.
Enter the code for the handler whose quotation(s) shall be printed. If a handler is entered, only quotations with this handler which have not been printed previously will be printed.
Quotation number
Enter up to ten quotation/service quotation numbers and possible versions of these quotations/service quotations. If you leave the fields blank, all quotations that have not previously been printed will be included in the printout.

If you want to print a quotation for a customer that has a credit stop code in the Credit stop code field in the Business partner file indicating that no sales are allowed to the customer, a message is displayed at the bottom of this panel. This message is retrieved from the Credit stop code table and you are not allowed to print the quotation.

Changed quotes
Set to YES if you only want changed quotations included in the selection.
Update status only
Indicate if only the quotation line status should be updated to 20 instead of printing the lines.