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Work with assets, Technical information (AACD16601)

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On this panel you enter technical information for the asset and the technical form. If no technical form has been defined for the asset type and group, then the panel will be empty, and you will have to click OK to by-pass it. It is necessary that this information be completed for all assets in the Asset file. Depending on the option and default setup you have chosen, some fields may already be completed. Some may also be protected, i.e. the cursor will by-pass them when you work your way through the fields.

Note: The default values defined for the template overrides the default values that would otherwise have been retrieved from the tables.

Function keys

More comments Access an extended comment entry function.

Technical form
This is the technical form for the asset you are maintaining.

User defined fields
Enter user-defined information regarding the asset.


On the lines at your disposal, you can enter comments regarding the technical information for the asset. Click More comments to access the extended comments entry function should you need more lines.