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Customer open order time axis enquiry, Summary (DMR15101)

This program is used to select and display open order totals from the Open orders value time axis file for the specified customer/debtor and date range that you have selected. The details displayed in this panel may differ, depending on whether you have chosen to display a single customer/debtor, or (in the case of Holding or Parents companies of customer structures) the details of the customer/debtor and its subsidiaries.

Open order balances that exceed the customer/debtor credit limit are displayed in reverse (or negative black-on-white type) image. Additionally, the program displays the open sales order lines for the specified Customer/Debtor and date range.

Once these details have been retrieved by the program, they are displayed in this panel by displaying the starting date for each configured date interval, although with the open sales order values for the corresponding period.

Function keys

A/R credit info Access the A/R Credit Info Enquiry program.
Order lines Access the Customer open order time axis enquiry, Order lines panel in which the open order lines of the customer you selected will be displayed. You must have already selected a customer in order to access these.
Include/Exclude subsidiaries If this customer is a member of a Business partner structure and is at a Parent level, you can access the details for its subsidiaries.
Debtor Access the debtor details of the customer that you have selected.

Enter a customer number in order to access their records.
Enter a debtor number in order to access their records.
From Date
Enter a date from which you wish to have records displayed. The system will then display all the customer or debtor’s current order orders from this date onwards. If no date is entered, today’s date will be automatically used.
Enter the number of days gap between the dates that are presented to you. By entering 8, for example, the panel will display dates and records, starting from the From date, at intervals of every 8 days. If no value is entered, a default of 1 will be used.
Open days
The figure displayed in this field is retrieved from the credit profile of the debtor. If only a customer is selected, this field will not be displayed.