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Work with sales order allocation (DIR37001)

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Sales order allocations can be used for handling the distribution of goods that are stocked in low quantities or can be activated for a particular item in the event of a shortage in stock. But most importantly it is a powerful tool that enables the allocation of goods that are in great demand – but in short supply, i.e. special edition, promotional or perishable items, to be distributed first to your best customers.

You can manually create sales order allocation proposals or automatically create sales order allocations using the Firm allocation functionality.


Allocation log enquiry Select this option to view the allocation log of sales orders for the selected allocation number.

Selection fields

Alloc number
Displays the sales order allocation number.
Displays the item number corresponding to the sales order allocation.
Displays the warehouse where the allocated goods are stocked.
Displays the person responsible for the item. This value is defaulted from the Item file, Basic data panel.
Displays the user profile of the person that created the sales order allocation.

Work with sales order allocation, Deletion (DIR37004)

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Note: If the selected allocation number has an allocated quantity, then it cannot be deleted.