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Work with bank groups (Finland) (FIGD5101)


This panel displays all the existing bank groups. For example, banks using the same validity rules can be grouped together under a single bank group. The bank group ID’s are used when sending/receiving payments from/to the banks.


Selection fields

This column lists the existing bank group ID’s.
This column lists the descriptions of the bank groups.

Work with bank groups (FIGD5104)

On this panel you create a new bank group or maintain an existing one.

Bank group ID
Enter a unique code to identify the bank group.
Enter a description of the bank group.
Bank group
Enter the bank group number to which the bank group belongs. Bank group numbers are specified for all member banks by the Finnish Bank Association. These numbers are used when sending/receiving payments from/to the bank.
Validate account
Indicate if you want to validate account numbers for this bank group.
Domestic bank group
Indicate if this bank group is a domestic bank group.

Work with bank groups, Copy (FIGD5105)

Displays the bank group ID(s) that you selected to copy.

New bankgroup
Enter the ID for the bank group that you are creating.

Work with bank groups, Deletion (FIGD5108)