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Work with banks (NLFD0251)


On this panel you can maintain additional information regarding the bank of a business partner.

Displays the selected bank name of the business partner for which additional information is maintained.

Name contactperson
Enter the name or any other information (e.g. the designation) of the person responsible for the payments.
Enter the name of the department responsible for the payments.
Maximum lines
During the payment transfers to the bank the supplier invoice number is entered in the announcement field to inform the supplier about the paid invoice. Several invoices can be paid at the same time, but a maximum value should be defined. Indicate the maximum number of invoices that can be paid in one payment run. For example, the Maximum lines value is mostly set to 7. In a payment order, if the number of paid invoices exceeds the Maximum lines value, then a letter can be printed to inform the supplier.
Payment specificat
Enter the payment specifications for this bank.
No series file id
Enter the number series from which the file sequence number is retrieved (see Work with number series for details).
Enter the language of the bank. All letters and forms for the bank related with the A/P payments module will be printed in the language code of the bank.
Authorized bank
Enter the name of the authorized bank.
Alpha free field 1
Enter free alphanumeric data, which is not used in any of the A/P payment programs.
Numeric free field 1
Enter free numeric data, which is not used in any of the A/P payment programs.
Indicate if the payments to this bank can be transferred via the Bankgirocentrale.
Load fin.statements
Indicate if the financial statements of this bank has to be loaded or not.
Voucher type
Only applicable if Load fin. statements is set to YES. Enter a valid voucher type.