Retrieve text as a link

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This is accomplished by copy/paste. Note: To copy plain text, see Maintain text.

If the source text is changed at any time, it will affect the text retrieved as a link. This is an efficient way of changing text on all documents. If for some reason you do not want the text to be changed, do not retrieve the text as a link.

  1. As an example, select a sales order line on panel Work with sales orders, Order lines and click Text.
  2. On panel Sales order line, Edit text, click Retrieve.
  3. You access the Edit text panel in Retrieve mode, listing the different kinds of document text types and their descriptions. (This has been set up in Work with document text types.) Select text type Sales order line (*SALORDLIN).
  4. You access Sales order header, Edit text. The information that is displayed on this panel depends on which text type you selected. Because the text type Sales order line was selected the order lines with text are displayed. Select the applicable order.
  5. You access the Edit text panel in Retrieve text set mode. Select a text set.
  6. You return to the Edit text panel. In the edit area you will see the text you are about to retrieve and in the Link field at the bottom of the panel you will see the actual link.
  7. Grab the link in the Link field and copy it (Ctrl + C). Click OK.

  8. You return to the Edit text panel. Paste the link (Ctrl + V). To display detailed information about all links, click Fnc list on the Edit text panel and select Display text links. Click OK to save and exit.

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