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Create dynamic base percentages (FMR15001)

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This routine creates the Percentage table for dynamic calculation and redistribution rules. It should be run just before you create the calculations and redistributions, so that the percentage distribution is accurate.

The system examines the dynamic accounts used in the calculation/redistribution rules, checks which dynamic base option code is used in the rules and then make calculations from the values for the accounts in the Balance file and in the Budget file. The values will give a percentage distribution for the accounts that replace the underscores in the dynamic base account.

The printout is divided in two parts; one list with the updated percentage distributions, and one with the distributions that are in error. If the accumulated value for the distribution is zero, the distribution will be in error. An example is the following balances on main account 1010, distributed per cost centre accounts used:

Account combination Balance Accumulated balance
1010 100 100 100
1010 101 200 300
1010 102 300 600
1010 103 600- 0

If a balance or budget record exists for an account combination, but the value is zero, the account will not be included in the distribution.