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Return change (AUDD31101)


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This window is shown when you accept the payment received from the customer on the Work with order settlements main panel. If the amount settled for a cash sales order is higher than the total line amount, then you can enter the balance amount or the change that you are returning to the customer.

Function keys

Confirm Confirm the change returned, if any, and complete the order settlement.

Displays the balance amount, if any, resulting from the settlement done on the Work with order settlements main panel. If this field is blank, then it displays that there is no balance amount remaining for the order settlement. If the field displays a negative value, then you need to return the balance amount to the customer. If it displays a positive value, then customer has not yet completely settled the order.
Enter the balance amount you need to return to the customer if the Balance field displays a negative value. This field is automatically completed with the balance amount equal to the Balance field, if its value is negative.