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Work with carrier consignments (GBDD68001)


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This panel displays all existing carrier consignments. They were either automatically created during pick list confirmation or manually entered in this program.

You are also able to maintain a consignment should details have been entered incorrectly or if the customer cancels the order after pick list confirmation. You should then create a credit/return order to reverse the stock movement and the invoice. Note: It is also necessary to remove the carrier consignment from the data file that is to be transmitted to the carrier’s system.


Function keys

Open/All Toggle this function key to view only open carrier consignments or all consignments.

Selection fields

This column lists the carrier consignment numbers. These are printed on the package label.
This column lists the carriers assigned to the consignment numbers.
This column lists the consignment references.
This column lists the customers that belong to the consignment numbers.
Displays the service code defined on the consignment.
Displays the number of packages defined on the consignment.
Indicates if labels have been printed for the consignment.
Indicates if the driver’s manifest has been printed for the consignment.
Indicates if the consignment has been sent to the carrier.

Work with carrier consignments (GBDD68004)

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On this panel you enter a new carrier consignment for a customer or maintain an existing one.

Function keys

Print Print the carrier consignment.
Update Update the changes made to the carrier consignment.
Not shown in Add mode. The consignment number is automatically generated by the system according to the carrier definition. The field cannot be changed.
Pick list
Not shown in Add mode. Displays the pick list number, if the carrier consignment was created during pick list confirmation. The field cannot be changed.

Enter the carrier company, from the Carrier table, that should be assigned to the consignment and deliver the goods.
Consignment type
Currently only applicable for company Fedex. Enter a type from the Panel value control file indicating the type of package that will be shipped on the consignment.
Enter a customer from the Business partner file for the consignment.
Enter the customer’s delivery address, from the Business partner file, that should apply for the consignment.
Service code
Enter a service code from the Carrier table/Service code table indicating the services you want the carrier company to provide for the consignment.
Enter a code from Work with countries to indicate in which country the customer of the consignment resides.
No of packs
Enter the number of packages included in the consignment.
Enter the total weight of the consignment.
Enter a search reference for the consignment.

Work with carrier consignments, Copy (GBDD68005)

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Displays the carrier consignment number(s) you selected to copy.

New cons
Displays the new consignment numbers of the copies. These are automatically generated by the system according to the carrier definition.

Work with carrier consignments, Deletion (GBDD68008)

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