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Work with classification number (DEFD43201)


Related topics

In this program you maintain the AZV classification number file. The classification system allows you to use characteristics to describe all types of goods, and to group similar goods within the same classification, so that they can be identified more easily later.


Selection fields

This column lists the existing classification numbers.
Doc type
This column lists the document types for the corresponding classification numbers.
This column lists the descriptions of the classification corresponding to their classification numbers.

Work with classification number (DEFD43204)

Related topics

On this panel you add new classification numbers or edit existing ones.

Function keys

Enter the classification number.
Doc type
Enter the document type for the classification. This field cannot be changed.
Enter the description of the classification. For existing records, this field can be changed.

Work with classification number, Copy (DEFD43205)

Related topics

Displays the classification number you selected to copy.
Doc type
Displays the document type for the classification number you selected to copy.

New class
Enter the new classification number.
New doc typ
Enter the document type for the new classification number.

Work with classification number, Deletion (DEFD43208)

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