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Supplier invoice matching, Variance analysis printout – FIN (GCFD2341)

In this routine you order a printout of supplier invoice/purchase order matching lists for different purposes, e.g. to analyse your suppliers, price and quantity differences or history. The listings can be sequenced in a number of ways, and subtotals can be printed for selected sequences. A number of selection parameters are also available.


  • Invoice number
  • Attestor
  • Cost centre
Set this field to YES if subtotals shall be printed for the selected sequence parameters.

Supplier invoice matching, Variance analysis printout – FIN (GCFD2342)

By entering ranges or stating individual values for different selection parameters, you define the extent of your printout on this panel. Invoice parameter selection is only valid for list type Matched.


  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Attestor
  • Cost centre
  • `