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A/R batch payment update (FKR05101)

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In this routine you update the A/R payments transferred in batch. An A/R payment journal will be printed, showing details for the updated transactions. The list is divided in two sections:

Settlement part, showing:

  • debtor number, payment date and transaction currency for the settlement transaction
  • document type and number for all documents in the settlement
  • document text for all documents in the settlement
  • entered amount for the payment document
  • settled amount for all documents in the settlement
  • remaining amount for all documents in the settlement. The amounts are shown both in transaction and system currency.

Created document part, showing:

  • transaction currency
  • document type
  • document text
  • debit and credit amount. The amounts are shown both in transaction and system currency.

One payment is created per debtor number, payment date and transaction currency, and the document number is retrieved from the document number series defined to the document type for the payment. Open payments are created if the paid amount exceeds the documents to settle. Open payments are also created if only the customer number is referred to or if the document number to settle cannot be found. After the update you can settle the open documents manually. The system handles cash discount, hidden discount and part settlement automatically.

If any payments are in error, they will be printed on an error journal and this journal will be moved to the Journal maintenance routine. Faulty payments will stop the entire journal, and you will have to resume the update from the journal maintenance routine, after corrections. The error journal will show the following information:

  • debtor number
  • document type and number for payment
  • payment date
  • text
  • document type and number for document to settle
  • payment amount in transaction currency
  • transaction currency code
  • payment amount in system currency
  • bank reference number

If it is not possible to correct a payment, you may use forced update, which will ignore the faulty payments when the A/R is updated.

Automatically generated reports:

When the G/L postings are updated to the G/L, the following reports will be printed, under the following circumstances:

Function keys

Copy workfile Access the Copy workfile electronic banking panel where you can proceed with copying the data of the workfile to the A/R payments.

Accounting period
The system automatically proposes the current period in which to post the payments, but you can change it to another open period.
Voucher type
Enter a voucher type which is valid for the BARP routine. The voucher type controls the voucher numbering from the voucher number series defined for the type. The system will select the voucher number after the last one used in the series for all the G/L postings created in the journal. The voucher type also controls if payment on voucher level or document level is used.
Document type
Enter a document type from Work with document types. The payment numbers are retrieved from the number series defined for the document type, and one number per debtor, transaction currency and payment date will be assigned. The document type will also give a document text to the payment. If the voucher type handles payment on document level, the document type will control the accounting of the payment transaction.
Voucher date
Enter the voucher date for the G/L postings. The system automatically proposes today’s date.
Enter an identity for the pre-system from which the payments should be transferred. The identity code must exist as transaction information in the A/R payment documents transfer file (SROKBP) if the document is to be selected.

Note: If underscores (___) are used in this field, then records with all identities are valid for the transfer.

Note: If you access this program from another program and not from the menu item, you can predefine a voucher type and document type, as well as the voucher date and the identity. You can also decide whether the predefined identity code should be verified against the A/R payment documents transfer file or not.

Bank statement
Indicate if a bank statement should be printed.

Text lines

This subheading is only shown if text lines exist in the LDA file per program/user (SROLPA). Then a maximum of three text lines could be displayed underneath.

Copy Workfile electronic banking (FKR05102)

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This panel uses the 3-digit Workfile ID as input. The Workfile is created when the Receive Swift MT 940 from PC-File function is executed to retrieve the data copied to the workfile and then the workfile data is copied to the A/R payments. See About electronic banking (Germany) for more information.

Function keys

Proceed copy Confirm the copying of the workfile data to the A/R payments for the entered workfile ID.
Workfile – ID
A Workfile ID is a 3-digit number that is generated when data is transferred from the MT940 file to the workfile and is suffixed to the name of the Workfile DEOKBP. For example, if the Workfile ID generated is 003, the corresponding workfile name would be DEOKBP003.