ASN processing


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The following steps are included in the ASN process:

  1. A shipment authorization is made to the supplier in the form of a purchase order, planning schedule, or shipping schedule.
  2. The supplier sends the ASN to the receiving organization at the time of shipment.
  3. The ASN is verified in the receiving open interface. In-transit and purchasing supplies are updated for ASN lines that are successfully validated. For each accepted line on the ASN, in-transit supply is increased and purchasing supply is reduced. If the data is not accepted, or if there is an error or discrepancy in the data, then an application advice, containing the most likely cause of the error, is sent to the supplier. The supplier can then send a corrected (New) ASN.
  4. The goods arrive at the customer’s end. The ASN can be used to create receipts.
  5. Shipment-v/s-receipt quantities are compared during the receipt transaction process. If discrepancies are detected, then an application advice, transmitted via EDI, is sent automatically to the supplier.