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Configurator formula enquiry (CFG287B)

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This panel displays the details of the formula that is used in the configurator tables for calculating quantities, times, price etc. Each formula is assigned a code that can be used in the configurator bill of material and the configurator bill of routing. The formula must either refer to an equation or to a user defined calculation program.

Active system defined variables, numeric attributes, user defined tables and numeric constants can be referenced in the formulas with the valid operators (+, -, *, /). The system defined variables are displayed on this panel. The user defined tables are set up on the Work with user defined tables panel.

Formula code
The code that identifies the formula.
The description of the formula.
The method of calculation. The formula can contain any or all of the following:

  • Active system defined variables
    Available variables are displayed in the Variables field.
  • Numeric attribute codes
    A percentage sign (%) must be added as a prefix to the code.
  • Numeric constants (0-9)
    A decimal sign may be used.
  • Arithmetic operators: +, -, * , /
  • System defined functions:
    • SEARCH(“User defined table”)
      Searches and returns a value from the specified user defined table. The table defined the search argument (keys) and the search method to be used.
    • ROUNDD(“No of dec”)
      Rounds down the “current” calculated value of the formula to the specified number of decimal digits (0-3).
    • ROUNDU(“No of dec”)
      Rounds up the “current” calculated value of the formula to the specified number of decimal digits (0-3).

  • Parentheses
    A maximum of 10 parentheses may be used.

Example: If you use the FACTA1 user defined table to define a factor for different values of the attribute A1, you could define the formula for calculating the component quantity that is dependent on attribute A1 as: &01 * SEARCH(FACTA1) ROUNDU(2) * &04

Calculation program
A user defined calculation program.
Number of decimals
The number of decimals for the calculated value using this formula. The range of decimals can be 0 to 3.
Adjustment value
The value to which the calculated value using this formula shall be adjusted.
Type of adjustments
The code indicates the type of adjustment that is used. Valid codes are: 1 (Nearest) or 2 (Up).
The valid variables.