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NLS constants table maintenance (CSBD0501)

This panel displays all fields displayed in DC1 Analyser. The table is preloaded when the system is installed. You can add, change and delete records. A printout of the contents in the table can be obtained from the Table printout program selection list program.

In this program you can enter the lead text to appear on the windows in DC1 Analyser. This can be done per valid language in the Language table. This program is normally used by technicians when setting up the system.

Function keys

Export/import language Access the panel where you can start a batch job allowing you to export the applicable NLS language file from the master NLS file, alternatively, import into the master NLS file.
Change language Select another language in which the lead texts are to be displayed.
Show non-translated View non-translated constants for the selected language.

Selection fields

Constant key
Displays the internal system code for the fields on the windows in DC1 Analyser.
Translated constant
Displays the translated value to be displayed as the lead text in the window in DC1 Analyser.

NLS constants table maintenance, Select language (CSBD0503)

This panel displays the valid languages from the Language table. Select the language of your choice to translate the system.