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A/R portfolio proposal, Creation (FKR32101)

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On this panel you state the selection criteria for the documents to be included in the proposal. All portfolio documents with status 0 (in portfolio) are valid, unless a remittance stop code has been imposed. The system also considers the encashment days of each bank when selecting which documents to include.

The proposal number is retrieved from number series 902 in the Number series table.

Enter a description for the proposal you are creating.


  • Creation date
  • Due date
  • Document type
Enter the transaction currency from Work with currencies for the documents to include in the proposal.
Portfolio type
Enter the portfolio type from the Portfolio type table for the documents to include in the proposal. The portfolio type controls the accounting and handling of the portfolio documents in the proposal.
Enter codes from Work with banks representing your company’s banks. You must at least enter one bank. The system will select all portfolio documents with this bank code. If you also enter an amount, then the system will select all portfolio documents with this bank, plus add portfolio documents without a bank code to fill up the amount. When several banks are selected for the proposal to be remitted to a bank, then only the last of the selected banks may have the limit amount equal to zero.
Limit amount
Enter the amount that you want to remit to each bank. If you leave the field blank, the system will only include the portfolio documents that have the specified bank code as Our bank. If you enter an amount, the system will also fill up with portfolio documents without a specified bank, up to the stated amount.