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Processing sales orders with Australian cash sales


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  • The AU (Australian modifications) application must be activated in Work with application definitions.
  • The AUSETTL (AU settlement) function must be activated in Work with function control.
  • Appropriate terms of payment (TOP), including a settlement code, must be assigned to your customer on the A/R basic data panel in the Business partner file.
  • The user must have Salesman authority in Work with signatures.

These are the steps you go through when running the Cash sales routine.

Step Process Panel Process description
1. Create a new sales order Work with sales order, Header view Access the Work with sales order, Header view panel. Click Add to create a new sales order.
2. Select customer and order type Work with sales order, Create new Create a new sales order. Select the customer, and the order type defined for cash sales.
3. Cash sale header Work with sales order, Cash sale header Select the cash register that you will use for cash sales.
4. Add order lines Add sales order lines After selecting the cash register in the Cash sales header, you need to add the order lines for your current order. Order lines, when added, reach the status of 45 and are ready for settlement.
5. Assign cash register to the user Assign cash register After you add the order lines, but before you settle the order, you need to assign a cash register to the user. After you have assigned the cash register, proceed to order settlements.
6. Order settlement Work with order settlements You automatically access this panel if you have selected either of the settlement codes 2, 3 or 4 in Terms of payment and when you try to close a sales order which has not been fully settled. You can also reach this panel from the Work with sales order, Header view panel by selecting your cash sales order and clicking Order settl.

On this panel, you have the option of accepting the payment through cash, cheque, bank transfer or credit card. After the payment is added to the settlement panel, you need to accept the payment. The system then automatically updates the payments into the A/R and G/L.

7. Closing the cash register Cash register close Once you have completed your order settlements for the day, you close the cash register that was assigned to you.