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MDC supplier file (GDMD0301)

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This panel is only displayed if DC1 Multi Distribution Centre (MDC) is installed and activated in your company and this supplier has been defined as an MDC supplier on the Basic data panel.

On this panel information related to Multi Distribution Centre (MDC) is defined for suppliers. An MDC supplier is defined by the demanding company (in this case the active company) as the company which you purchase goods from.

In the MDC supplier’s DC1 system your company is identified as an MDC customer.

The information introduced on this panel is used by your company’s DC1 system to automatically send purchase orders to your MDC supplier via the DI (data interchange) files.

Function keys

Mandatory entry. Enter the MDC supplier’s company code. This code must be defined in the MDC company control file.
Mandatory entry. Enter the customer number which identifies your company (as the MDC customer) in the MDC supplier’s DC1 system.
Auto reception conf
Indicate if the goods reception routine should be performed automatically when the MDC supplier confirms the pick list. If you set this field to YES, the automatic reception routine will only be performed for order types for which the Direct delivery field is set to YES. Note: Automatic reception confirmation will not be performed if the purchase order contains serial number controlled items.
Import code
Enter a code from the VAT import/export code table, indicating the import code that your MDC supplier will use as a default when invoicing your company via the DI (data interchange) files. The import code controls if the order should be included in the Intrastat declaration.