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Surcharge report printout (DMR36001)

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From this panel reports detailing the surcharges that have been collected for: items, item/unit combinations or package types are printed.


In the fields below enter the information that you wish to include in the report.

Surcharge type
In the first field: Enter 1 to indicate that you want to print out a report for an individual surcharge type. Or, Enter 2, to indicate that you want the report to include a range of surcharge types.

In the adjacent fields: Enter the surcharge types that you want to include in the report.

Note: If you wish to include all surcharge types in the reports, leave these fields blank.

Invoice date
Surcharges are added to the invoices that are sent to your customers. Enter a range of dates (from date – to date) to detail the surcharge information for the period specified.
Previously printed
Set this field to YES to include all the records that have been previously printed. Set to NO to indicate that only the records that have not been previously reported are to be included in the print-out.


In the fields below define the type of information that you wish to include in the report.

Indicate if detail surcharge lines should be printed in the report.
Indicate if the report should be run in simulation mode.