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Work with assortment file (DIR01001)

This program is used to connect one or several items to an assortment group (from the Assortment group table) and Assortment ID.

Assortment group/IDs are used during sales or purchase order entry. These allow the sales/purchase order entry clerk to quickly select items from an assortment instead of individually from the entire item database. The clerk will then be able to quickly add the lines from the assortment to the order.

You can connect an assortment ID to either all, a few or none of your customers/suppliers. You would not connect a customer/supplier to an assortment if you want the combination assortment group/assortment id to be used as a global assortment (valid for all customers/suppliers).


Selection fields

This column lists the unique codes that identify the assortment groups.
This column lists the assortment identifications for the corresponding assortment groups.
This column lists the customer numbers or supplier numbers corresponding to those assortment ID’s which are valid for one supplier/customer. Note: Those assortment ID’s where no corresponding customer or supplier number is mentioned will be valid for all customers or suppliers when entering sales orders or purchase orders.
This column lists the description of the assortment group.

Work with assortment file (DIR01004)

On this panel you maintain the details.

Assortment group
Assortment ID
Enter an assortment identification for this assortment group.
Customer/Supplier no
Enter a customer number or a supplier number, if you want this assortment ID to be valid only for one customer/supplier. If you leave the field blank, the assortment ID will be valid for all customers/suppliers when you enter sales orders and purchase orders.

Work with assortment file, Copy (DIR01005)

Assortment ID
Displays the assortment identification you selected to copy.
New assortment ID
Enter the new assortment identification that you are creating.

Work with assortment file, Deletion (DIR01008)