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Work with incl/excl of event types, Include/Exclude (EDSD02201)

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Depending on the option that was selected for the client type on the previous panel, the panel sub-heading can be either Include or Exclude.

On this panel you define what messages should be sent to you using the selected client. You do this by either including or excluding event types from the client type. If you choose to include a number of event types, then the messages for the event types that have been selected will be sent. If you choose to exclude a number of event types from the client, then all messages for the event types except those that have been selected will be sent.

Note: You cannot both include and exclude event types from the same client type.


Select Select this option to select an event type for inclusion or exclusion.
Deselect Select this option to deselect an event type.

Function keys

All/Selected Toggle between viewing all event types and selected event types.

Selection fields

Displays the name of the contact/user you are maintaining. This field name varies depending on from where you accessed the panel.
Displays a code from Work with client types indicating the client type you are working with.

This column lists the existing event types.
This column lists the descriptions of the existing event types.
Indicates if the event type has been selected for inclusion or exclusion.