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The Sales module encompasses the entire sales order processing cycle, which is very flexible and easy to use. It is fully integrated with stock control and, depending on the order type, both stock on hand and statistics are updated.

By using the time axis function, you are able to view all available stock per warehouse and the sales orders to be delivered, both inside and outside the planning time.

The pre-sales routines allows you to manage your customer and supplier database, supplier rebate agreements, and customer and supplier contracts.

The sales order routine handles cash sales, quotation, sales orders and credit orders, with the option to print various documents. Order entry is simplified by utilising the option to copy an existing order, quotation and/or invoice to create a new order. You can also enter order lines using an item assortment and/or order structure.

There are numerous pricing and discount options for the items you sell. You can let the system calculate and retrieve the price or manually price the order lines. See the Sales Pricing Setup Guide and the Sales Price Handling section of this User’s Guide for the instructions.

Delivery handling is also very flexible. You have the option of full lot control support, serial number tracking, pick consolidation, shipment consolidation, dangerous goods handling, package reporting and freight handling.

The invoicing routine supports merge and/or periodic invoicing, at specific intervals, for customers who generate a large number of orders.

Related topics