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Work with customer buying groups (DIR06801)

Buying groups may be formed for customers who want to increase their purchasing power or suppliers wishing to target specific areas.

You define the buying groups in this file and then connect the customer(s) to the buying group. This connection may be performed by clicking the Customers option on this panel to assign/un-assign one or several customers to a buying group, or the Buying groups function key in the Customer file to sequence (which attaches) a buying group for one specific customer. Customers may belong to more than one buying group, and it is possible to indicate a preferred buying group sequence for each customer. This preferred sequence can be used, for instance, when the same item is promoted with different benefits and for more than one group. The price is determined according to the pre-defined sequence. Note: There is no best value logic applied during this process.

Valid from/to dates, denoting the time span under which the buying group is valid, may also be defined. Likewise, a date update can be performed per assigned customer in both locations, or for all selected assigned customers via the Work with buying groups, Assigned/All Customers panel.

The buying group is then used as a customer key (assuming that the key is active in the DIS control keys file) in a Sales pricing method to determine the price. In all programs where the DIS control key for buying group is used (e.g., in pricing routines), the date intervals will be considered in order to determine whether or not the buying group is currently valid for the customer.


Customers Select this option to assign/un-assign and work with assigned customers for the selected buying group. Valid from/to dates, denoting the time span under which the buying group is valid, may also be defined.

Selection fields

Work with customer buying groups (DIR06804)

On this panel you enter the details of the customer buying group.


Work with customer buying groups, Copy (DIR06805)

On this panel the records that you selected to copy are displayed.

Displays the record code that you selected to copy.
New group
Enter the code of the new customer buying group that you are creating.

Work with customer buying groups, Deletion (DIR06808)