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E-billing parameter table maintenance, Main groups (FIGD5911)


Creating XML messages requires a lot of information. This information is stored in the general parameter file called the E-billing parameter file. It contains both the required company information and the customer information.

The E-billing parameter file contains main groups which can be made up of several sub-groups. This panel displays all the main groups.

The following main groups are preloaded:

Group Description
*ASW ASW/DC1 general information
*COM Company information
*CUS Customer information
*SUP Supplier information
*SYS System information

Selection fields

Main group
This column lists the main groups from the E-billing parameter table.
This column lists the descriptions of the corresponding main groups.
This column lists the subsets to which the corresponding main groups belong.

E-billing parameter table maintenance, Main groups (FIGD5913)

On this panel you create a new main group or maintain and view an existing one.

Parameter main group
Enter the new main group’s name. For existing main groups, this field cannot be changed.
Enter the subset to which the main group belongs. Subsets are used in all system file functions to categorically arrange all records in the system files. You can enter a value between 1 and 9.

The following table lists the detailed information of the valid subsets:

Enter a description for the main group.
Enter the applicable application code.
Enter a statistics identity code, if applicable.
Ask customer/suppl
Indicate if the Customer/supplier field on the E-billing parameter table maintenance, Subgroups panel is mandatory.