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Project Management

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DC1 Project Management contains functions offering valuable support in the follow-up and control of projects and project quotations within project oriented manufacturing.


The objectives of Project Oriented Manufacturing can be summarised as follows:

  • Provide the means to create, maintain and analyse project quotations, as well as projects.
  • Divide a project into different phases, and define all elements necessary for a phase.
  • Track status of open projects.
  • Define product structures for project assemblies and sub-assemblies.
  • Define invoice plans, services and activities for a project.
  • Provide specific inventory transactions for issues to projects and receipts from production to projects.
  • Track project costs, based on cost calculation, budget and reported transactions.

Product overview

DC1 Project Management contains functions that provide a good decision foundation for rationalising the project administration. The logistic support offered can be subdivided into the following basic functionality features:

  • Central database management of items, customers, prices, units, language codes, etc.
  • Creation, maintenance and follow-up of project quotations
  • Creation, maintenance and follow-up of projects and project phases
  • Creation, maintenance and follow-up of assemblies, activities and services within a project phase
  • Creation, maintenance and follow-up of invoice plans on project level or on project phase level
  • Link project items to purchase orders and/or purchase requisitions
  • Link project assemblies or sub-assemblies to manufacturing orders, with the possibility to create manufacturing order networks
  • Define and follow up project budgets
  • Link to DC1 Financials for cost follow-up and invoices

Project order/quotation maintenance

The handling of project quotations is similar to the handling of project orders, except that not all maintenance is possible. The following are the main differences between the order and the quotation handling:

  • Version handling
    The main difference between projects and project quotations is that one can keep different versions of a quotation. The quotation version is used throughout the system. On every place where you have to enter a quotation number, there is also a possibility to enter a quotation version. If no quotation version is entered, the system will always use the last version.
  • Expiry date
    A quotation has an expiry date as an informational field. When copying a quotation to a new version or to a project, you have the possibility to close the old quotation version. The link between a project and the quotation it is copied from is kept by the system.
  • Quotation registration
    In the registration of a project quotation you have the same functions as for a project: header, cost codes, addresses, invoice plan, text lines, phase, phase addresses, phase invoice plan, and phase elements (assemblies, services, activities). It is also possible to maintain a product structure for a project quotation and to run the costing for it. You can also enter a budget for a project quotation.
  • Follow-up and reporting
    The possibilities for the follow-up of a quotation are more restricted than for projects. It is only possible to enter planned and actual follow-up codes. There are no links to any type of orders, and material transactions or time sheets cannot be reported.
  • Delivery and invoice
    None of the functions regarding delivery and invoicing are available for project quotations.

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