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Quality control note printout (DMR53501)

The quality control notes are used in the warehouses for performing quality control on the items for which the Quality control field on the order line is set to YES.

Each quality control note printout will have the same number as the corresponding reception note. A quality control note is a very important document which can only be printed once. Notes should be written on the quality control note printout to indicate how much has been approved/rejected for each quality control note line. These notes are then entered back into the system through quality control entry where they will update stock on hand.

If a document heading was defined in the Purchase order type table, that heading will replace the heading on the quality control note printout.

Note: If a batch-controlled item, one extra line per batch is printed if several batches exist for the item line.

In the fields below you enter the reception note(s) for which a quality control note should be printed.
Enter a code from the Warehouse table indicating that only receptions to this warehouse should be printed on a quality control note.
Reception note
Two input fields are displayed for each selection. The input fields are divided by a slash (/). In the first input field, enter the reception note number (which can be found on the reception note printout) for which a quality control note should be printed.

The second input field can only be completed if:

  • the reception note line is included in a shipment


  • the reception note line has been received using the Receive replenishment line program

Enter the reception note line number in the second input field, for which a quality control note should be printed.