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Warehouse Management

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This document contains information about the following:

DC1 Warehouse Management

Managing inventory in a large warehouse is a very complex task and the increasing pressure for faster deliveries requires goods to be stored and handled in an efficient way in the warehouse. DC1 Warehouse Management provides the necessary tools for the physical management of the inventory and controls storage and physical movement of goods within the warehouse.

Keeping track of where hundreds of thousands of pieces of inventory reside in a large warehouse is virtually impossible without automated assistance. For practical reasons, manual or simple solutions for warehouse management typically consist of keeping items in single, assigned and static location. A single, designated location will likely result in an under-utilisation of space in this location and overflow quantities being stored in additional locations, sometimes behind other items or in “offsite” locations. Therefore item occasionally becomes misplaced and fail to be shipped.

DC1 Warehouse Management will:

  • optimise the use of storage space and personnel in the warehouse operation
  • track a single item in multiple locations
  • allow items to be stored in multiple, random and/or fixed locations
  • allow different items to be mixed in a location based on user definable controls on item and/or location level
  • track a single batch for an item in multiple locations
  • track multiple batches for an item in single location
  • identify any handling or storing restrictions or preferences an item may have (refrigerated, flammable, etc.)
  • recognise items and locations by height, width, depth and storage orientation
  • automatically calculate how many of a given item that will fit into any given location when defining location type for an item
  • support different linear unit of measures concurrently, e.g. meters, feet, etc.
  • suggest the best put away locations based on user-defined definitions using an automatic put away feature
  • direct the picker to the best location for order fulfilment
  • suggest replenishment into pick areas based on user-defined criteria
  • support pick and put away by warehouse zones, when requested
  • handle reservation of goods on location level
  • use extensive put away rules to optimise utilisation of space while at the same time reducing the need for internal stock movements
  • allow cross docking for the items you have selected
  • support item storage in pallets. Pallets can be created and used in the storing, picking and packing of goods.
  • give the possibility of using DC1 Radio Frequency Handling in the warehouse for improved accuracy.

DC1 Warehouse Management covers the administration related to reception, quality control, put away, storing and picking of goods in the warehouse, based on user defined parameters for storage facilities and items. The system reviews and analyses each reception of goods and every open space in a complete warehouse facility to determine the optimum locations for put away. DC1 Warehouse Management also provides extended stock take routines and handling of internal replenishment of primary pick locations from overstock locations.

The system is fully integrated with DC1 Distribution. It is, however, possible to selectively exclude part of the inventory from the DC1 Warehouse Management process and let items only be handled by DC1 Distribution.

DC1 Radio Frequency Handling

The DC1 Radio Frequency Handling functionality provides a truly paperless environment. R/F transfers data from a host computer to a mobile terminal using digital radio signals at a particular frequency, thus bypassing printed instructions.

This handling functionality also provides bar code printing and scanning, including support for different bar codes that might be assigned to each unit of measure for a single item.

DC1 Radio Frequency Handling includes the following features:

  • R/F instructions include put away, pick, replenishment, counts and free form messaging.
  • Flexible dispatching – assignment of instructions to R/F resource with use of different batch rules. The batches can be created either manually or automatically.
  • Combined activity – put away, pick and replenishment.
  • Pick and pack support – items are scanned for verification and then placed directly in a shipping package, which can also be scanned. During the pick and pack operation, package labels and specifications can also be printed.
  • Real time tracking of R/F resources and staging locations – pick locations are free for the next put away directly after picking.
  • Item labels
  • Location labels
  • Scanning and validation

Interface to other DC1 systems

DC1 Distribution

The interface between DC1 Warehouse Management and DC1 Distribution is visible in many places in the system. Every time the stock on hand quantity is affected, the DC1 Warehouse Management system will interact and require zone and location information to be provided in order to keep track of every single piece of goods in the warehouse. Whenever the available quantity for an item is calculated in DC1 Distribution, location specific information from DC1 Warehouse Management will be considered.

The interface points within DC1 Distribution are:

  • Sales order maintenance and copy
  • Pick list handling
  • Purchase suggestion creation
  • Purchase order maintenance and copy
  • Goods reception handling
  • Quality control handling
  • Internal replenishment handling (IRS, IRO)
  • Inventory movements
  • Inventory transactions
  • Stock count

DC1 Manufacturing

The interface between DC1 Warehouse Management and DC1 Manufacturing is visible in the Manufacturing order routine. Every time the stock on hand quantity is affected, the DC1 Warehouse Management system will interact and require zone and location information to be provided in order to keep track of every single piece of goods in the warehouse. For pallet handled items, the pallet number will be required.

The interface points within DC1 Manufacturing are:

  • Manufacturing order material issue
  • Reception (QC, NCC)
  • Kitting list printout
  • Replenishment

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