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Customer Management Console (DSR80001)

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The Customer Management Console (CMC) provides access to DC1 information through one dynamic hub presenting it through an easy-to-navigate interface.

The information to which you have access depends on your role in your company. When accessing the CMC, you are presented with the information subscribed to you through a CMC role, defined in the Work with DC1 user profiles file. If no CMC role is defined for the user profile it is retrieved from the group profile.

DC1 contains a large amount of customer related information. This data is retrieved from various places in the system. With the CMC as a starting point, you are able to enter new sales orders, quotations, view requests or returns from business partners, and display any information you need without exiting the console. All of these routines can be accessed directly via the CMC.

Note: Some field information will not be displayed if the applicable DC1 application is not installed and activated.

How to use the Customer Management Console

The console is completely user-definable. By customising your view together with the authorised technician, the system will only display the information you actually want to see. You select views, options and sub-options to narrow down the information to be displayed. These determine the behaviour of the smart windows which intuitively display the information you need.

For example:

If you are a Sales Manager in the company, the CMC role *SOHANDLER is most likely assigned to your user profile. By assigning a data set, containing only sales related fields of information to that role, you will only have access to information that is relevant to your job profile.

Function keys

For more information about additional functions accessible from this panel, see Functions in function list.

Work with business partners Access the Business partner file.
Work with items Access the Item file.
Work with SO Access the Work with sales orders program.
Work with held SO Access the Work with held sales orders program.

Enter a code from the Customer file to view specific information for your customer and click OK.

Note: If you are working with a customer and have previously selected options and sub-options, the currently selected view and option remain on the panel even if you enter a different customer. You must manually choose another view or option to change the information to be displayed.

Enter a code from the CMC views table. Click OK to access the information contained under this view. The sub-heading of the panel will display the view you are working with.

In the same field, enter an option pertaining to the selected view to access detailed information for your customer.

Note: You can enter a code from the CMC options table that does not belong to the current active view. This will not cause the change of the current active view. An experienced user may remember all the options allowing fast toggle from one option to another even though they belong to different views.

Enter a code from the CMC sub-options table pertaining to the previously selected option to further narrow down the information to be displayed. Click OK.

Note: If you enter an option without entering a sub-option and click OK, the program will search for the first sub-option belonging to this option and execute it. If you know the sub-option number, you can enter it directly, or you can click the window prompt to the right of the field select from the list.

Note: The default view when first entering the CMC is the activated view with the lowest sequential number in the CMC views table. The sub-heading of this panel will change depending on what view is currently selected.