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Container log enquiry (DSR04901)

Related topics

This enquiry displays the logged entries for the container.

Selection fields

Displays the warehouse code and description for the container.
This column lists the container number.
This column displays the outbound shipment number carrying the container.
This column displays the date when the log entry was created.
This column displays the time when the log entry was created.
If logging was defined for the different container activities, this column displays the activity for the log entry.

Activities include:

CONASG Container number assigned
CONCNF Container confirmed
PLCCAN Pick list confirmation cancelled
PLCEND Pick list confirmed
PLCSTR Pick list confirmation started
PQCCAN PQC confirmation cancelled
PQCEND PQC confirmed
PQCSTR PQC confirmation started
Route ID
This column displays the route id for the container log entry.
Activity description
This column displays the description of the activity.
This column displays the user ID that created the log entry.
This column displays the user name.
This column displays detailed information for the log entry.