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Work with stock takes, Stock take update (DMR67501)

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The following transactions will be performed:

  • The stock balance is updated according to the difference between the stock balance at the time of the Stock take selection and the counted stock quantity reported during Stock take entry.
  • The items on the list are released for printing of pick lists and reception notes.
  • Accounting transactions for any differences are generated.
  • The Stock take list is deleted from the Work with stock takes file.

List number
The stock take list number is automatically retrieved from the open stock take list selected on the Work with stock takes initial panel. Once on this panel, any of the existing list numbers can be entered manually.
Keep open counts
Indicate if lines not counted (left blank in Stock take entry) should remain as open stock take lines. If set to YES, lines not counted will remain open for counting and updating later on. If set to NO, lines not counted will be deleted when stock take list is updated.
Accounting period