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Label printout (DIR75501)

This is the program for printing labels for the goods. There are four different sizes of the labels from which to choose. The difference of the sizes are

The information printed on the labels are:

  • item and item description
  • gross weight in stock unit
  • gross volume in stock unit
  • user defined lead texts and user defined fields (if defined on this panel)
  • MSDS info retrieved from the MSDS file

Labels are only printed if:

  • the handling status defined for the MSDS in the MSDS file is defined as being valid on sales orders
  • table fields or text are defined to be printed on labels, i.e. the Label field is set to YES on the MSDS table field maintenance (table fields) panel or MSDS sub-section maintenance (text) panel in the MSDS definition file. Note: No lead text for table fields are printed on labels.

Enter, in the fields below, detailed information about the label printout.
Mandatory entry. Enter a valid item for which labels should be printed. Note: The item has to be connected to an MSDS (defined on the Basic data panel in the Item file).
Enter a code from the Language table indicating the language in which the labels should be printed. If the field is left blank, the labels will be printed in the system language.
Label size
Enter the desired label size that you wish to be printed.
User defined information
If you want to print any other text on the labels, complete the fields below.
User def lead text 1 – 3
Enter the lead text to be printed before the text defined in the corresponding User def field 1 – 3 fields.
User def field 1 – 3
To print any additional text on the labels, enter the text in these three fields. The text entered in the corresponding User def lead text 1 – 3 fields.