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Financial transactions interface (BEFD3951)


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This program selects payment transactions that are created in a third-party system and which are stored in the Financial transaction interface files.

A financial or sundry batch (A/P payment, A/R payment or G/L transaction) is filled with information from the interface files which are the basis for the open batch creation.

The content of the interface files are checked during transfer, and if there are no errors, then the open batch files are created and filled with information from the files. If an error is found in any of the interface file records, then the processing is stopped, and the erroneous record’s status code is marked as E. The system prints an error list. You need to correct the errors and change the status code to blank and start the interface program again to create the open batch.

On this panel you provide the printer information for printing the error list and then click OK to process the transactions.