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DIS quality control note confirmation (DMR54001)

In this program you report the results of the quality control check (from the notes made on the Quality control printout). For items that you reject, you have the option to enter a number of reasons for rejections. These could include user-defined reason codes, non-conforming values and free format text to describe the non-conformity.

If the order line(s) on this quality control note requires landed costs to be defined and for which the Await cost check function is activated, the goods will not be available for sale until the reception is booked.

Booking the reception is done in either the Work with inbound shipments program (if the order lines are included in a shipment) or in the Work with purchase orders program.

Reception note
Two input fields are displayed, divided by a slash (/). In the first input field, enter the reception note number (which can be found on the quality control note printout). The second input field can only be completed if:

  • the reception note line is included in a shipment


  • the reception note line has been received using the Receive replenishment line program

Enter the reception note line number in the second input field.

Enter the signature of the authoriser.
Accounting period

DIS quality control note confirmation (DMR54002)

This panel displays the item lines of the quality control note. The reporting is done for approved quantities.

Note: The Batch entry panel will be displayed if it is a batch-controlled item and the Quantity approved differs from the Quantity received.


QC reporting Select this option to report quality control results. Note: This option is only displayed if the DET-CRIT (Detail criterion panel) function is activated in the Function control file.

Function keys

Full approval Report full approved quantity for the displayed lines.
Order number
Displays the number of the purchase order.
Rec note
Displays the number of the reception note.
Displays the supplier identification and description.
Order type
Displays the the order type of the purchase order.
Displays the reception note line number.
Displays the item that is connected to the reception note line.
Qty rec
Displays the number of items that have been received.

Qty appr
Note: This field can only be completed if the DET-CRIT (Detail criterion panel) function is not activated in the Function control file. Enter the quantity which has been approved. If the quantity requires decimals, the decimal sign should be entered along with the decimal amount. Valid number of decimals for this item is defined in the Item file.
Displays the signature of the authoriser, but can be changed.
Item description
Displays the description of the item.
Purchase order number
Displays the purchase order number.
Purchase order line
Displays the purchase order line number.