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EANway pricing label printout (AUDD04201)


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From this panel you print out the EANway pricing label of the item. The printout is carried out in the sequence listed below:

  • The Sales order line file or the Container/SSCC cross-reference file is processed to ensure that the selected records are as per the panel selections and sequenced by item number.
  • The trading partner for the respective debtor is now retrieved and the retail price list is determined.
  • For each item number, the number of labels are determined. The retail price is retrieved from the CPO files. If no price is found, then the price is retrieved from the Retail price file. Note: A retail price must exist for the item in order to determine the labelling code to be used. The labelling code is then used to determine the format of the label.
  • If the retail price record is not found, then the Trading partner/item group file is checked to determine if the item requires a label. If the file indicates that retail price data is not required, then no label will be printed for the item. On the other hand, if the file indicates that the retail price data is required for the item or no retail price exists for the item, then an audit list is produced indicating the items for which no retail price data is found.

Function keys

Detail selection Select the items that are related to the entered CPO and that should be printed.


  • Pick list
  • Pick consolidation
  • Shipment number
  • Customer P/Order no
  • Item