Stock Control

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The Stock Control functionality is fully integrated with the entire system, which allows for immediate update of both time axis and stock on hand values. You can achieve stock balance control of your items within your warehouses through a physical stock control function and sophisticated stock transfers via internal replenishment orders.

The transfer of goods between warehouses is catered for with full financial control. DC1 Distribution allows you to define internal sales/purchase orders providing full handling and follow-up of all internal replenishment activities.

An unlimited number of user-defined inventory adjustment transaction types are available for use. You can define the appropriate accounting specification for each available, enabling you to identify your reasons for creating inventory adjustments.

All inventory transactions entered or created by DC1 Distribution are stored in an inventory transaction file, which can be accessed at any time. DC1 Distribution supports three inventory valuation principles, which are FIFO (First In First Out), Average cost and Standard cost. Inventory can be valued according to any of these three costing methods.

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