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Work with sales restriction keys (DIR87201)

Related topics

This program is used to define how and why sales restrictions can be made with the aid of keys in relation to the nature of a restriction. These can be what, from, to or by. This pre-loaded table may not be changed by users who do not have DC1 Administrator authority.


Note: This option is only available if you have DC1 System administrator authority.

Selection fields

This column lists all the keys that have been configured according to their number.
This column displays descriptions of the corresponding keys that have already been configured.
This column denotes if the corresponding key is active.
This column denotes the category of the key. This may be What, From, To or By.
This column lists the key field reference file name for each key.

Work with sales restriction keys (DIR87204)

Related topics

On this panel you can view the configuration details of the pre-loaded sales restriction keys. If you have DC1 Administrator authority, you may also edit some of the details.

Function keys

Sales restr key
Displays the number that is allocated to the restriction key. This may not be changed.
Displays the description of the key. This may be changed.
Indicates if this key should be active or not. This may be changed.
Restriction category
Indicates if this restriction key is to be of the category What (W), From (F), To (T) or By (B). This may not be changed.
FRF Field name
Displays the key field name that will apply to this restriction. This may not be changed.