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Sales price deletion for a currency/unit (DMR05401)

The purpose of this function is to allow the user to delete a price from the Sales prices panel in the Item file. The currency for which the price is going to be deleted should also be entered.

Any, or all, of the following fields can be used by this function to define either a single or a multiple sales price deletion criteria:

  • Item price group
  • Supplier
  • Currency
  • Unit
  • Price list

These fields are the defining parameters of the sales price deletion function. By selecting one or more fields a selection criteria is created. The sales price deletion will be applied only to what matches the criteria.

Item price group
Enter a code from the Item price group table indicating which price group will be used by the sales price deletion.
Enter the supplier number or short code.
Mandatory entry. Enter a code from the Currency table indicating for which currency the prices are to be deleted.

Note: If no unit is entered the prices of all the units that are expressed in this currency will be deleted.

Price list
Enter a code from the Sales price list table indicating which sales price list are to be deleted.