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Purchase price recalculation (DMR05801)

This routine mass updates purchase prices for the selected items. This information will be updated on the Purchase prices panel in the Item file. Update can be done for all items (no selection made) or for the selected item price group, supplier or unit starting from the entered From date. If no period is found (From date) a new period is created. If a new period is created the purchase price that was used as a base for the calculation of the new price is read from the previous period.

Any, or all, of the following fields can be used by this function to define either a single or a multiple purchase price calculation criteria:

  • Item price group
  • Supplier
  • Currency
  • Unit

These fields are the defining parameters of the purchase price calculation function. By selecting one or more fields, a selection criteria is created. The purchase price calculation will be applied only to what matches the criteria.

Item price group
Enter a code from the Item price group table indicating for which price group new prices should be calculated.
Enter the supplier number, indicating for which supplier new prices should be calculated.
Mandatory entry. Enter a code from the Currency table, indicating the currency for which new prices should be calculated.
Enter a code from the Unit table indicating for which unit new prices should be calculated.
Price list
Optional entry. Enter a purchase price list for which prices shall be updated.

New price

Enter, in the fields below, from when the new prices should apply and the price change as a percentage.

From date
Mandatory entry. Enter the starting date from when the new prices and discounts are valid.
To date
This field is only displayed if the Short term pricing flag is set to YES on the Pricing policies, Purchase panel in the DIS control file. Enter the starting date from when the new prices and discounts are valid.

Price adjusting

In the fields below you define how the new prices should be adjusted. Note: The system will default the price adjusting information defined in the Currency table, but can be changed.

To value
Enter, in ascending order, the break levels for price adjustment to the values in the corresponding Adjust to field. Normally the last field shall contain the maximum value (all 9’s).

For example:
To value = 1000
Adjust to = 10

If the new price of an item is calculated to 975, the price will be rounded up to even 10, i.e. 980. Note: The values must be entered in ascending order (from lowest to highest).

Adjust to
Enter, for each price range, the adjustment value that a price in the specific price range shall be adjusted to.