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User defined tables enquiry (CFG290A)

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This panel displays the existing user defined tables to be referenced in configurator formulas for calculations of material usage, times per operation and additional prices. User defined tables can also be used in cost model equations to define margin/mark-up of costs to set price of a configurable item.

For example, the consumption of paint for an item might depend on the selected colour so that more paint is needed if you select the colour yellow than if you select black. In this case a user defined table that defines a factor for each colour attribute can be used in the formula for calculation of the material usage.

For each user defined table you must define the following:

  • Table header
    You can choose to specify one or two dimensions for the user defined table. For each table dimension you define the key to be used (from the User defined table keys table), and a search method. Depending on the context in which the formula will be used, you can select keys that relate to customers, parent items, bills of material or bills of routing. You also specify text and number of decimals for the values in the table.
  • Table details
    The table details for the selected key (one dimension), or combination of keys (two dimensions), are defined on the Work with user defined tables, Details panel. For each key, or combination of keys, a value can be specified. When the user defined table is referenced in a formula, the system will search for the defined key value combination and use the specified value in the calculation of the formula.


Selection fields

The code that identifies the user defined table.
Valid fr
The date indicates from when the table is valid.
The description of the table.
Indicates if text is connected to the table.