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PRTF/DSPF translation file maintenance (ASGD3111)

The purpose of this program is to translate constants in a printer file into different languages. A constant is for example the heading on a printout. The table can be updated by running the Generate constant fields in PRTF program, where you can select to generate the constants in one or several printer files.

Function keys

Translate all not transl Translate the constants that have not already been translated.
Translate all Translate all constants; even the translated ones will be re-translated.

Enter the file name which contains the constants you want to translate.
Enter the field name in the printer file which should represent the constant you want to translate.
Field length
Enter the field length in the printer file. If the record was added to the table by running the Create constant fields in PRTF program, the length is retrieved from the printer file.
For new entries, enter the subset to which the panel value belongs. For existing entries, displays the name of the subset to which the panel value belongs.

Change date
PTF/Mod number
Displays the language codes from the Language table.
Translated constant
Enter the translated text for each language code. The symbol ยค represents the maximum number of characters, which means you can only write text to the left of this symbol.

Note: If you want to translate a value to value ” ” (blank), use the logical expression *BLANK when entering the translations. *BLANK values can be translated for each language in the Maintain CTT translation file, if desired.