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Working with external contacts

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Contacts are connected to pre-established business partner roles and are assigned different mediums of communication, referred to as client types. The assigned client type denotes the way you will communicate with the contact person. Client types, their basic properties and the parameters defined for each type are preloaded, but can be changed. You may also create new client types to suit your needs.

Note: Contacts are also used by DC1 Alert Management when sending and receiving alert/event messages. The related topics describe the procedures when DC1 Alert Management is not installed. See Setting up DC1 Alert Management or About DC1 Alert Management messages for details.

Enquiries and contact search options

  • Business partner file enquiry
    For example, view updated phone details.
  • Customer contacts enquiry
    View all contacts for a business partner.
  • Work with contacts
    View to which business partner(s) a contact is connected using the Where used option.
  • Client types enquiry
  • Roles enquiry

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