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Automatically generate field values for your suppliers

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The auto generation functionality allows you to create values for the fields in the Business partner file maintenance routine from the default values defined for this template. This means that when you maintain a supplier using this template, the panel(s) will never be displayed for maintenance. Note: However, if a default value for the panel is an error the panel will prompt during Business partner file maintenance.

The Template control table decides the panels for which Auto generation can be assigned. This table is pre-loaded when you install the system. It is not possible to assign Auto generation for all panels where default values can be entered. Only those panels with the Auto generation field set to YES in the Template control table are valid. (For more information about this table, see the Panel help).

  1. Select the Work with business partner templates menu item.
  2. On the initial panel, enter the code of the template in the Template field and click OK.
  3. You access Work with business partner templates outlining the panel sequence and defaults you previously defined for the template. This is where you assign the auto generation functionality for the panels with default values.
  4. Note: The panels for which Auto generation can be assigned are indicated by an input field in the Auto column.

    All panels are set to NO by default. Set the Auto column to YES for the applicable panel. Click OK to update and exit the routine.

    If the default values are correct for the panel, this panel will not be displayed when you add a new supplier using this template in the Business partner file maintenance routine.

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