Assign a client type to an external contact

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You connect a client type to a contact person to specify the method of communication you will use when contacting the person in question.

Note: If an e-mail address, phone number, cell phone number and/or fax number was defined for the contact when adding the Contact ID, that information will have been added for the client type on the Client parameters panel. If you change or delete that information on Client parameter level, it will be changed or deleted for the Contact ID on the Work with contacts panel.

Do as follows:

  1. Select the Work with contacts menu item.
  2. On the initial panel, select the applicable contact ID and click Clients.
  3. You access Work with contacts, Assign client. Select the applicable client type and click Activate.
  4. You remain on the same panel and the client type is now activated for the selected contact ID (the Active column is set to YES for the associated type).
  5. If the client type needs parameters (i.e. the Parameters used field is set to YES on the Work with client types detail panel), then do as follows:

    An example could be that client type ACCEMAIL (sending e-mails through Accelio format) needs an e-mail address.

  6. On the current panel, select the ACCEMAIL client type and click Change.
  7. On Work with contacts, Client parameters, select the E-mail address parameter and click Change.
  8. You access the Client parameters detail panel. In the empty space at the bottom of the panel, enter the applicable e-mail address for the contact person you are working with. Click OK.
  9. The contact ID is now activated for receiving e-mails to the specified e-mail address whenever messages or other information should be sent by e-mail. Exit the routine.

    External contacts are connected to specific roles in the company which are pre-established for your business partners. Continue with Attach an external contact to a business partner role.

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