Set up rules for VAT on G/L level

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Rules for VAT calculations and accounting must be set up if your company enters VAT on G/L level.

  1. Select the Work with VAT handling codes menu item.
  2. On the main panel, click Add.
  3. You access the detail panel. The difference with setting up the rules for a VAT handling code for VAT on G/L level from VAT on invoice level, is that you must use dots (…….) instead of a pseudo account in the pseudo account fields. This information must also be on the first line for the output transactions. Complete the following fields:
    Pseudo d
    Enter dots (…….)
    Pseudo c
    Enter dots (…….)
    Tr am
    Enter the code that represents the formula for calculating the net amount (base amount minus VAT amount).

    Click Next.

  4. You access the last Work with VAT handling codes panel where you determine, for example, if the amounts should be included in the EU VAT sales list.
  5. Set the fields that you want to affect to YES. Click OK to update the rules. Exit the routine.

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