Set up a default VAT catalogue

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A VAT catalogue connected to the Accounts Payable ledger can be used when you enter VAT on invoice level.

The VAT entry inv level field in the G/L control file must be YES.

  1. Select the Work with A/P control file menu item.
  2. You access A/P control file maintenance. The following field is shown if you use VAT entry on invoice level, as defined in the G/L control file:
  3. VAT catalogue
    Enter the code for the catalogue you want to be displayed when manually entering VAT on invoice level.

    Click OK to update. Exit the A/P control file.

    For your information, the panel below shows the defaulted VAT catalogue, which you have defined in the A/P control file and is displayed when entering invoices.

    Panel image

    This panel displays the VAT catalogue with all the VAT handling codes that are available for the Accounts Payable in the entry routine for VAT.

    Complete the following field:

    Base amount
    Enter the net amount for the VAT handling you want to use. The system will then automatically calculate the VAT amount for you according to the rules you have set up for the VAT handling code. See Set up rules for VAT on invoice level for more information on how the VAT handling code has been set up.

    For more information on how to enter a complete transaction with VAT, see About entering A/P invoices and credit notes manually and About entering A/R invoices and credit notes manually. Exit the routine.

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