Create a forward maintenance proposal

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All of the mass updates to the Item or Business partner file that you wish to schedule are defined in a forward maintenance proposal.

  1. Select the Work with forward maintenance proposals menu item.
  2. On the initial panel, click Add.
  3. The following information is required:

    Enter a description of the proposal, e.g., Delivery info; Update supplier; or Update Salesman info for South Area.
    Enter your ID code.
    Proposal type
    Enter the type of update that you will be making.
    Type Description
    I Updates the Item file
    B Updates the Business partner file
    Effective date
    To schedule an update for a fixed date, enter the start date. This field is used in conjunction with the Time parameter.
    Enter the start time of the update.
    Empty fields
    Indicate if you will be deleting information from fields and not replacing them with another value. Caution: If this field is set to YES when the update is performed the system will convert whatever information that you specified in a New values field, to blank or zero during the update.
    A proposal only handles one type of update at the time:
    • Normal update: This is a find/replace update (Empty fields field is set to NO). Old information will be replaced with whatever is entered in selected New values fields.
    • Empty fields update: This is used to delete information from selected items or business partners (Empty fields field is set to YES). The New values fields are used to flag which fields are to be deleted. This means that the way to delete information would be by marking a New values field with any character(s). When the update is performed the system will convert the values of all marked fields to blank or zero values.
    Validate new values
    Indicate if the information that is upgraded to the files should be checked for errors.

    Click OK. The proposal is now listed on this panel and status code 00 has been assigned to it.

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