Define new values for a forward maintenance proposal

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Once a Forward Maintenance Proposal has been created you can define the information that you wish to add to, or delete from, the Item file or Business Partner file.

  1. Select the Work with forward maintenance proposals menu item.
  2. On the initial panel, select a proposal and click New values.
  3. You access Work with forward maintenance proposals, New values; Business partners or Items (The title of the panel depends on the type of mass update that you have selected to do when you created the Forward maintenance proposal).
  4. Templates for the Item file or Business partner file (e.g., Basic information, Unit information or Basic Data, Customer file) are listed on this panel. Mark all of the templates that contain the information you wish to change and click Select. Navigate to the panel that contains the field(s) that you wish to change by pressing Enter to advance from one screen to another. Make your changes.

    Note: If your proposal has been defined as a Normal find/replace update (the Empty fields parameter is set to NO) then the information that you are entering will replace your target record’s existing information. If your proposal has been defined as an Empty fields update (the Empty fields parameter is set to YES) then the information contained in the fields that you mark will be deleted from your target records during the update. To mark a field simply enter one or more characters in it. For more information see the Empty Fields field in Create a forward maintenance proposal.

    Click OK until you return to the initial Work with forward maintenance proposals panel. (Or, alternately, once you have entered your changes, click Accept new values to bypass all remaining panels and to quickly return to the New values panel. Then click OK to return to the initial panel.) Once you have entered your new values the proposal will be set to status 10.

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