Manually start an update to item and/or business partner data using the Forward maintenance functionality

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Although updates are scheduled to be launched at a fixed date and time, once the proposal has been created you have the option to start the upgrade process immediately. You may need to do so for various reasons, such as:

  • The update has been prioritised and needs to be made immediately.
  • The update has to be re-started. If the update has been performed but has ended with errors being reported then you must re-start the update once the errors have been corrected.

The proposal must be at status 10. If it has been scheduled (i.e. at status 30) then you must first un-schedule it (see Schedule/un-schedule updates using the Forward maintenance functionality).

  1. Select the Work with forward maintenance proposals menu item.
  2. On the initial panel, select the proposal you wish to launch and click Start/Re-start upd.
  3. You access Work with forward maintenance proposals, Start/re-start update. Click OK to execute the upgrade immediately. The upgrade will be processed and the status will be set to 60.
  4. Error messages
    If your proposal has already been executed and its status is 45 then errors were found by the system. Use the Err log option (available on the initial Work with forward maintenance proposals panel) to display/delete the error message or to maintain the record. Once the error messages have been corrected you must repeat the steps outlined in this example to re-start the update.

Related topics