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Include/exclude records from update using the Forward maintenance functionality

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Once your selection criteria has been entered the system searches for all target records that will be changed when your mass update is executed. You have the option of viewing a list of these before any changes are made. You can also choose to exclude any records from the update.

Note: The Exclude function, as the name suggests, allows you to exclude records from the update. The Include option is only used to add records that have been previously excluded. For example if your search query had selected 100 records and you wished to only update 25 records then you must exclude 75 records. If no records are excluded then all of the target records will be updated automatically.

  1. Select the Work with forward maintenance proposals menu item.
  2. On the initial panel, select the proposal you wish to work with and click Targets.
  3. You access Work with forward maintenance proposals, Item targets or Business partner targets.
  4. All of the records that have been selected by your search criteria are displayed. These are the records that will be updated once your mass update is executed.


    1. Select the Item/Business partner that you wish to exclude and click Exclude.
    2. You access the exclude panel. Click OK to confirm or click Back to cancel.

    If you have excluded a record you can add it back to the update by selecting it and clicking Include. Note: You can only use the Include option to add records that have been previously excluded from the update.

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